Free stuff from record labels


I like music and I have free time, money, web design skills, and can write to some degree. So I want to start an online music magazine. And I want to know how to go about getting free shit from record labels like CDs and stuff, and maybe even free tickets or passes or something.

Ya know, something to impress the ladies.

What should I do?

Almost Famous

Dear Almost Famous,

Did you ever hear the about the man who asked for a shovel, when really what he really needed was a hole? In your case, you asked me “how to start an online music magazine,” when what you really wanted to know is “how do I get free shit from record companies?”

Anyway, it’s easier than you think. You don’t even need to start an online music magazine. They love giving away free stuff.

Here’s what you do. Find an online music magazine you like. Don’t choose Rolling Stone or Spin.. choose something a little less noteworthy, but still important enough that a record company would care. Register the “” version of their domain name.

For example, my favorite online music magazine is Metal Sludge. If I wanted free stuff from heavy metal record labels, I’d register I’d send an email (or call), ask for the PR department, and tell them you’re looking to review some new music. Or tell them you’re writing a story about something they’d be interested in like “heavy metal bands from Tampa” or whatever they have on roster.

Not only will they send you free music, photos, and bios of your favorite artists, but in many cases they will call you the next time the artist is taking interviews.

And they’ll never check the site to see if anyone actually wrote anything.

Oh and how does this impress the ladies? Sorry, but unless you’re on stage, or wearing a purple pinstriped suit behind the mixing board, running an online music magazine does not impress women.

I could give you information about how to impress a woman, but you didn’t ask.

Rock on,

1 Response to “Free stuff from record labels”

  1. 1 Anonymous September 23, 2006 at 4:10 am

    “I could give you information about how to impress a woman, but you didn’t ask.” hahahahahahhaha!

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