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Are you really drumming in the header photo of Ask Pud, or are you beating the sh*t out of something for no reason somewhere that just happens to have a cymbal in the background (it could happen). And if so, do you consider yourself “a good drummer”?



I am indeed drumming in that pic – here’s a link to the full photo.  The photo was taken by Scott Beale, a friend and great photographer.  Scott took the pic in one of the “jam rooms” at the Experience Music Museaum in Seattle, Washinton.  We were both there for the Gnomedex conference in 2006 where I was speaking.  

As for being a good drummer, you be the judge.  Just kidding – I’m awesome.  Just kidding.  Seriously, here’s a video. 

Answering Questions From Twitter

I just solicited questions on Twitter.  I should have asked for your Twitter usernames so I could link to them — if you’re one of these people, post your Twitter username in the comments.

Here are the questions and answers: 

What happened to, the dot-com deadpool? Did you close it cuz it was getting in the way of your real business? Also, were those dudes cheating in the high scores? I could never figure out how those top 5 always got so many points! They must have found a loophole!?

D. Mack Daddy

I closed Fuckedcompany a few years ago because traffic was slowing and I figured my full-time attention would be better spent working on the ad network I founded, AdBrite.  There was a small time when I was working on both simultaneously, but I felt I was doing a half-assed job on both.  I wanted AdBrite to be full-assed (or zero-assed?) so I shut down FC.  

Regarding the folks who were always in the top-5 for guessing which companies would go out of business (the deadpool game) — yes, they found a loophole that I never got around to fixing. I always felt a little guilty  about that. But not guilty enough to fix it.

What is the best way to make money in the adult marketing world these days?


Selling hand jobs at a bowling alley.

Why don’t you visit my blog more often



What ever happened to alleverything?


AllEverything was a site I made in 2003 that was pretty similar to what is now Yahoo Questions (or Wikipedia, in a way).  See an archive of it here.  As for what happened to it or why it doesn’t exist anymore, I honestly don’t remember. I think maybe I was too busy with FC or AdBrite at the time.  It’s a shame — that coulda been a great site. Maybe I’ll bring it back one day.

When are you launching your new project? BTW – what’s up!


Hey Jim! (Jim is a friend of mine).  I hope to have something to show in 3-4 weeks.

What’s your xbox live gamertag?


I don’t remember. I bought an Xbox a long time ago, spent about 3-days straight playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater and haven’t really touched it since.

Why are you alive?


Because my parents… umm… damn why did you make me think of that.

Is there any such thing as a “recession proof job” these days, now that we’re officially in a recession?


Pawn shops.

Will there be another bubble in the financial market?



When are we going to have a Lionel Richie sing-a-long?


You mean like this?

Why haven’t you begun tracking the layoff situations on fuckedcompany again?


I’ve been working on other things, and I don’t think I could make Fuckedcompany as funny/mean as I used to, because I live in the Silicon Valley area now and know too many of the people involved. When I was running FC in 2000, I was living in NYC and didn’t know anyone.

I need some ideas for an Old Year’s Night church service.


Old-fashioned effigy.

Considering the economic meltdown, seems suddenly relevant again. Any interest or plans in reviving it?


I think I answered that above.

What happened to Fuckedcompany – it seems to be so needed at this strange economic time.. 


I’m sensing a theme here.

So that’s all for now.  I’ll try to post more as I get them.  Ask me anything.

Ask Me Anything

Okay, I know I’ve been terrible at answering Ask Pud questions.  I’m going to try to answer more questions.  To make it easier for everyone involved, I created this handy form you can use to ask me anything.

Go ahead – ask me anything.

When The Children Cry

For some reason the song “When the Children Cry” by 80’s hair metal band White Lion popped into my head tonight.

I had to find the sheet music online, pick up my guitar and head into the bathroom where the acoustics are sweet.

Please excuse my forgetting of the lyrics and chords.

And the classic video:

Working On Something New

I’ve had a ton of requests to bring back over the past couple of months.  Not since the dot-com bust of 2000 have we seen so many layoffs.

I’m not bringing back FC this time around, but I am working on something that I think is relevant to what’s going on.  I hope to launch it within the next 30 days.  Stay tuned and please check it out when it launches.


Ron Howard’s Call To Action

Regardless of your politics, you will enjoy this video.

Update: I had the embedded YouTube video here, but it was removed from YouTube likely due to copyright violation by  FunnyOrDie is a great site but, currently, the hosted version of WordPress (thusly this blog) does not allow FunnyOrDie videos to be embedded.  Dang.

Ask Me Anything

It’s been a while since I’ve answered any questions.  

Ask me anything.