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Hit YouTube Video is Back

Some of you may recall my YouTube video — me playing drums along with the song “Infecting the Crypts” by Suffocation — that became a viral hit and was viewed millions times on  YouTube.  I was super proud of the video but it was unfortunately pulled by YouTube due to a copyright claim by Warner Music, despite (in my opinion) being a good promotional vehicle for the artist.

After explaining the issue to Suffocation’s management and getting their permission, I reached out to YouTube and Warner Brothers Music and the issue was resolved.   The video is back up.  Thank you everyone!  

Here’s the video on YouTube:

"Blogger Beta" broke my blog

I switched to “blogger beta.” Even though Blogger said the conversion process would be painless, clicking any comments page now shows “The blog you were looking for is not found.”

Maybe this (my first “beta” post) will fix the problem. If not, I’ll write my own Ask Pud software, with features like getting an auto-email when your question is answered, and more.

Rock on, bear with me.