Monkey invasion

I’m writing from Panama, on the island of Bocas del Toro! I’m on a 2-week vacation. Sorry I haven’t updated Ask Pud in a while. Last week I was in Costa Rica mostly sans Internet, but the hotel here in Panama has WiFi. So I’ll update more this week.

A few days ago I took a ride on a small boat through a Costa Rica rain forest. Check out the monkeys invading our boat. I love the way the tour guide says “we might have a monkey invasion.”

8 Responses to “Monkey invasion”

  1. 1 alley March 10, 2008 at 5:50 pm

    That kind of monkey was responsible for a deadly plague in like three of four movies.

    Just sayin.

  2. 2 Anonymous March 14, 2008 at 6:31 pm

    pud, you are an adventurous amazing man. a creator. a lord & master.

  3. 3 Anonymous March 15, 2008 at 6:19 pm

    oh wow! Fucked company temporarily fucked?

    You were once the man of the new era! Maybe a flash in the pan! Your site disappears just as things are going to get really interesting!!!

    Damn it, start up again – how about or!!! Now it’s your own govt doing the humping…

    How are your dolares doing against say, the Indian rupee or the Chinese Renminbi? I thought so. I guess some of the slime-posters from fc days are wondering wtf happened. Ass-wide time. The folks they hated so much are buying their asses as we speak! Once they own their ass, what do you think they’ll do with it? Maybe Joe Wang is real after all???

    Just think of rainforests and everything will be fine – until a Chinese logging company comes along and bulldozes it…

    Anyhow, good that you get out a little. You should consider moving to europe (oops – currency – not possible) well you could dream – but we have socialised medicine and long ‘vacations’ over here whilst you have socialised risk and privatised profits for plutocrats and serfdom in your neck of the woods.

    I say, get out while you still can…

  4. 4 Anonymous March 17, 2008 at 1:19 am

    Pud you wanker. Bring back fuckedcompany. The global financial system is imploding and you’re on vacation? WTF?!

  5. 5 Anonymous March 18, 2008 at 9:08 am


    Where did you go in CR? Did you do any of those cute prostitutes?

    I’m buying property in on the pacific coast.

    Ya Mon,

    Pancake Hat

  6. 6 Shawn T Lippert March 19, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    cool video, monkeys are funny and cute at the same time. Thanks for all the visitors fom spottt, been using it since it launched

  7. 7 Anonymous March 25, 2008 at 8:57 pm

    what a stupid woman sticking her hand out like that. those things could handily tear off a finger…

  8. 8 Anonymous April 13, 2008 at 4:11 pm

    I want to spank them.

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