Break after break


How do you get over the fact that people who lie, cheat, and steal get break after break — all the while leaving broken hearts and bitter feelings in their path?

25 years old
Neodesha, Kansas


Most people who seem on top of the world, had to step on some heads to get there.


2 Responses to “Break after break”

  1. 1 Taylor January 13, 2007 at 3:12 am

    If by “step on some heads” you mean “give some squalid douchebags what they had coming,” you sir, are quite spot on.

    If by “step on some heads” you mean “crush poor little people and do anything to make a buck in their soulless attempt to exploit others,” you sir, are a socialist bastard and I will not visit the site of a socialist bastard for very long.

    Lot’s of people are SURE that the very rich people in society (our mostly capitalist Western society) had to do something wrong to other people to get to where they are. While this may be right for people who are connected to the government and can have the government help them out in unfair, non-free-market ways, this just isn’t true for a majority of successful people in America.

    In a free-market, people who get to the top do so by giving other people what they want. Sometimes their are some rough-neck shitheads who get in their way while doing so (you know, all the jocks and fratboy douchebags you took classes with in college and who banged all the girls and got belligerent when you said “excuse me” at a party because you needed to get to the bathroom), and these people earn their skull-crushings, which they receive in due time.

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