I work with this wonderfully attractive woman. She’s always been nice to me and I’m crazy about her. She’s beautiful. Really hot.

I’m not bad looking, but not great looking either.

How do I know if I have a chance?

29 years old


Fortunately, women don’t care nearly as much about looks as guys do. Think about how many times you’ve seen super-hot females with fugly dudes — but not the other way around.

The unfortunate part is that women’s requirements are much more complex than ours. There are many things women seek in a mate, that we do not. For example: confidence, security (incl. money, power, ambition), strength (physical and emotional), talent, and charisma.

Admit it – most of us guys are happy simply with a hot lookin‘ chick who’s relatively pleasant to be around.

All that said, she doesn’t like you. I’m sorry to report. But there is hope.

She needs to see you in your element. Specifically, women out of your league need to see you do something you’re exceptionally good at. It’s also show a little bit about your life outside the office. Find a way to hint about or show her your talent without being too obvious — but being a little obvious is okay.

Show her your peacock feathers. If they’re big and bright enough, she will be yours.

Rock on,

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