John Lennon’s crack


This is from way out in left field, but I’ve been curious about this for a long time. I want to find out some first hand or anecdotal history about the song “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” from The Beatles’ Abbey Road album.

In it, Paul McCartney is singing. At one point, you can hear an obvious chuckle or muffled short laugh, and it is clear that he is trying his best to hold back a laugh. The laugh comes a little after the phrase “She tells Max to stay when the class is gone away,” and the laugh comes right around the words, “so he waits behind, writing 50 times I must not be so-oh-oh-oh.”

What made Paul laugh? Was somebody making him laugh? Who? Why?

Thank you,
Bruce Hoefer


The story is that John Lennon decided at that moment to “moon” Paul from the studio’s control room. True story, I’m not kidding.

I hope this brings you closure.


2 Responses to “John Lennon’s crack”

  1. 1 Anonymous November 23, 2006 at 10:45 pm

    No, Pud, this does not bring me closure. It raises more questions like “are you a fraud?” Any old schmoe could have come up with your undocumented response. My specific question was: “I want to find out some first hand or anecdotal history about … .” Like who was present at the recording studio? When was the recording (which anyone can easily find by searching various Beatles web sites)? Who witnessed the incident? Who was the producer and why was it decided to keep that version of the song (with the laugh) rather than re-do it? These kinds of answers will tend to prove the reliability of the answer, Pud, don’t you think?

    Also, why would John have been in the “studio’s control room” instead of being on teh same side of the glass with Paul, like playing an instrument or singing? Your simple explanation makes no sense, Pud. I thought, from past experience, that you would give a documented, truthful answer, not some Three Stooges/Jimmy Kimmel type response. Look, if you are right, just prove it to me, okay? I know you will do that. Thanks, Pud.

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