Stephen Colbert


I am usually pretty good at determining if someone is cool or not. But Stephen Colbert stumps me. Should I find Stephen Colbert cool or not?


You should indeed consider Stephen Colbert to be “cool.” He is smart and funny, with a good grasp of of pop culture and has the potential to be great.

But his shtick is too inconsistent to have any long-term success.

For example, he’ll do some story in his newscaster parody persona, and then all of a sudden switch to more serious interview-guy with his guests. And while interviewing, he’ll snap in and out of the schtick persona, which is almost always less interesting than his guest.

It’s annoying to people, and if he wants lasting success, he needs to choose a persona and stick with it. (yeah yeah…so do i:)

1 Response to “Stephen Colbert”

  1. 1 Peli Grietzer August 28, 2006 at 4:13 am

    There’s actually a pretty clear distinction, marked by the switching of scenery, between the full-fledged satirical Colbert of the desk, perfectly coherent within the borders of his existence, and the Colbert-light of the lounge — and a pretty solid sense that the latter is only borderline ‘canon’. There are also pretty clear rules, at least after the first few shows, about what aspects of the Colbert persona manifest or do not manifest in the lounge.
    What’s true, though, is that he switches rather freely between direct, immediate perceptions delivered in simple ironic reversal form to maintain the persona’s coherence, and a long term psychological ironizing of the Colbert character.
    It’s as elegant as one could get while preserving the multifunctionalism of satirical fiction, commentary, and a talk show, which isn’t that elegant at all, but the flexibility is worth it , because the fiction is terrific, the commentary is terrific, and the talk show is terrific, to a degree where losing either of these for the sake of elegance would be a terrible shame.

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