Power shift


I’m interested in becoming a promoter and scout for DJs, models, and talent here in Miami. I’ve already established contacts with a couple of club owners and agencies, and am continuing to network aggressively. What else should I do?


To understand the answer, first you need better understanding of the question. Why do you want to be a promoter for DJs and models? Because you want to get into VIP clubs, have sex with models, and maybe make some money.

So does everyone in Miami.

Most people in your world, including you, think that networking is the key to success. It is not. To achieve your goals, you need to offer something special and unique to these people. There’s almost always something you’re decent at that promoters and models want. If not, you can pretend. Either way, a power shift must occur where they think they need you, more than you need them.

A little story.

My first business was a music production company called PK Productions. I had a small electronic music studio and made background music for radio commercials and rappers. I was 20 years old. How did I break into the music business? By meeting important people and letting them know immediately how they could use me — not the other way around.

In my case, I would ask in conversation if their studios or offices were PC or Mac, and let it be known that I’m a computer geek. Before I knew it I was helping the producer of Whoomp There It Is (hey it was 1997, in Maryland) set up a networked printer in his studio.

See the shift in power? He was trying to woo ME. I had something to offer. Which led to introductions to different rap stars and eventual production work for DC’s big hip hop radio station.

What do models need that you can offer? If you can’t think of anything, tell them you’re good at MySpace marketing. Pick a model, and with her blessing, make her a nice MySpace page and get her lots of MySpace friends. Deliver her MySpace mail to her. Keep track of her live appearances (which of course, you’ll need to follow her into the VIP clubs as her official online marketing consultant, i.e. picture taker) and before you know it, you’ll be a star and they’ll be calling you.

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