Skowhegan, Maine

Pud. Aside from San Francisco and New York City, where’s the best city in the U.S. to start an Internet company?

Skowhegan, Maine. It’s an old-school paper mill town. The average resident makes around $15,000 per year yet they live with abundance. Skowlegan could use some fresh industry, and you’ll learn a thing or two about the way people used to live.

As you grow you’ll need to outsource most of your engineering to Bangalore (India) but everything else you can find in Skowhegan.

I spent a few months there in 1999, consulting for a paper company.

3 Responses to “Skowhegan, Maine”

  1. 1 SleekBlackMercedes July 4, 2006 at 9:51 pm

    Hi Pud,
    I did some research on Adbrite, your internet company and how your company rose meteorically, sucessswise.

    Perhaps you could do a post on how you did it? An abridged version of your inevitable book I guess.

    Maybe you could share some tips on traffic increase – your ideas would be much more believable than the thousands of SEO companies out there.

    What say you?

  2. 2 Anonymous July 7, 2006 at 3:52 am

    Pud –

    Have you ever considered Huntington, WV as one of those towns where it would be good to start an Internet company?

    Huntington has many of the things which Skowhegan posesses. Many of the Huntington natives have worked in a service industry, some have worked in telemarketing and Internet customer service.

    In addition, Huntington has a major university, Marshall University. Marshall is not well known for it’s computer science program…and having studied there 13 years ago, I can say that it was a sheer lack of investment on intellectual capital from the University. This shortsightedness hurt the University until they saw the err of their ways.

    There is plenty of bandwidth in Huntington. It is only 5 hours away from Reston, VA and Herndon, VA, the HUGE Internet POP for the east coast. Occasionally the airlines have a 45-minute flight to D.C. …but why would someone need to go to D.C. when they have all they need in Huntington AND Bangalore?



  3. 3 Stop touchin my blog! July 7, 2006 at 9:23 am

    Maine it is!

    Future Maine Resident
    India Outsourcer’er
    Pud (the .com was taken).

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