"Infecting the Crypts"

So I posted a video to YouTube a while ago, of me playing drums in my office, along with the song Infecting The Crypts by the band Suffocation. It’s a relatively complex song that’s a classic amongst death metal fans from the early 90’s (when death metal was “big”, betcha didn’t know it was big. betcha didn’t even know it existed..:)

Anyway, the video took off virally on lots of message boards (ex: here and here), blogs, and according to YouTube (as of this writing) has been viewed 116,052 times and has 128 comments.

In the video, you can’t actually hear what I’m playing (you hear the originally recorded Suffocation track instead), and I screw up a few times — it’s meant for entertainment purposes only. But the best part of the story is that this other band (well, like 2 people) recently one-upped me by actually playing the song on drums and guitar. Rock on!

My original video:

Here’s the same song, performed by two dudes who rock:

Here’s another video of the same guys, same song (funny to note the contrast between the RIPPED drummer and the skinny little guitarist:)

1 Response to “"Infecting the Crypts"”

  1. 1 Anonymous June 21, 2006 at 10:01 am

    Hey man, glad you liked our video.
    This was our first time playing death metal in over 10 years, and our drummer has not played drums in 12 years.
    To see videos from some other death metal bands we cover, check out this link –
    Death Metal Cover Videos

    Dave Z

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