Happy birthday, pud.com

I just realized this is pretty much the 10-year anniversary of when I first registered the domain name, Pud.com (well actually I registered it in July ’96, but close enough).

Funny that just now I’m doing something with it that seems semi-permanent. Here’s a rundown of Pud.com over the years:

1996 to 2001 – Various static pages about my music n stuff
2001 – I guess this was sort of a blog/viewer mail. Strange format.
2002 – A disturbingly detailed photo of my hairy belly
2003 – Online bio, pics n stuff
2004 – “Ask Pud

Eh, who am I kidding…pud.com will evolve for however long we keep using domain names…

But the PUD BLOG is keeping my attention lately, which is good.

3 Responses to “Happy birthday, pud.com”

  1. 1 rich menga June 16, 2006 at 11:09 pm

    It will be weird when the day comes that we no longer use TLD’s like dot-com/net/org/whatever. Makes you wonder how long they’ll stick around.

  2. 2 Anonymous June 25, 2006 at 4:11 pm


    Bring back “Ask Pud.” That was the best!

    I do like the new blog approach for pud.com, but there is no substitute for your take on some of the questions.


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